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Hello, we hire good freelance writers for good $$$

What is Writers United

Writers United is a company that hires freelance writers worldwide. We’ve been working in the area of academic writing assistance since 2004.

Having college and university students as target audience, we provide our writers with assignments covering every possible academic course. Marketing to English, Anatomy to Law, Informational systems to International relations – you’ll be able to write in any field of expertise you like.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a degree holder or just a person with keen interest in something, we’ll be able to provide you with job that requires exactly your level of expertise and academic involvement. Using this diversified approach to order distribution, we helped 54 writers to complete nearly 6,500 assignments since fall 2004. For the time being, our average rate per page has been $7-$8. With number of assignments growing, our prices grow as well.

At Writers United, we strive to keep our organization a small-to-medium rather than large corporation-like structure. Our organizational philosophy implies that every community member is valued times more, which subsequently results in higher quality of writing.

Through what we call “virtual office” we manage relationships with writers from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, France, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Ukraine, and even French Polynesia! Our site administrators work nearly clock-round to support freelancers from each and every region of the world. Unlike most companies in the industry, Writers United does provide efficient support to writers. As a writer-oriented company, we are all about higher compensation rates and more effective support.


Our mission is to provide freelance writers with:

  • sufficient and ever-growing number of assignments at competitive rates no less than $6.00 per page,
  • opportunities for professional and financial growth,
  • exclusive access to electronic libraries and knowledge bases in all fields of expertise, and own on-site writing workshops,
  • real-time support from friendly and knowledgeable coordinators, and from expert users within writer community as well.

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