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Our job offer is...

Have you ever thought of getting both individual and financial independence without climbing that stupid corporate ladder for years? How much of your friends are really independent? One or two? Maybe none? What if you were told that you don't need to be a 9-5 worker to achieve wellness, huh? And what if someone told you that you could make a career from the comfort of your home?? Interested? Keep reading...

We offer you a position of academic writer in a progressive company. Why you? Because you are ready to:

  • challenge new opportunities,
  • advance your professional career,
  • grow financially,
  • meet new like-minded people,
  • become an expert in your fields of interest,
  • achieve absolute freedom.

Feel the advantage of:

  • choosing your working time
  • converting your hobby into source of income
  • working anywhere you like (your desk, bed, nature)
  • combining your studying with work
  • getting extra world class education for free

With all this, you surely get:

  • both financial and moral appreciation of your effort
  • almost clock-round support from cheerful and experienced managers (all ex-writers)
  • sustainable career development plan
  • access to your personal technology-stuffed order management interface
  • life-long pass into community of expert writers

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