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My browsing experience with Google Chrome

Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox have long been the leader in internet search. Lately Google created their very own personalized browser Google Chrome. This is kind of funny because the browser itself does not contain the Google toolbar. I downloaded it last night and it was fast. I should say everything is fast in its beta stage and then it gets to destroy your mood and browsing experience after a few months. Last night as I was using Google Chrome I noticed that it does not allow me to cut and paste after I uploaded photos and images at Blogger blogsite which is normally allowed by Firefox and IE. The browser looks like Opera but emptier lol. If you want to try this you may download it now. Later if you see "page not load" problems please don't blame your internet service provider for it. It could be your browser failing to function properly. Try to use a different older browser first to know which one is causing the loading error. To be fair Google Chrome is fast, really fast when you are making research for your articles and essay topics. I would still recommend it to writers here at Writers-United.


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